TightSpot Quiver 2016 Review

TightSpot Quiver Hood

2016 TightSpot Quiver Review

TightSpot Quiver Kuiu Vias

Don’t buy a TightSpot Quiver just because it's the best quiver on the market. Buy it because it will make you a better hunter. I read a ton of reviews and articles on gear. Not because it’s my job, but because, well, I’m a gear freak. Most of the reviews I read are from guys who are sponsored by a product manufacturer, i.e. PAID to say good things about the product. I just want to make it clear that I don’t get gear handed to me, I purchase everything I use. You might ask yourself, why do all of Rob’s reviews tend to be on the positive side? Well, that’s an easy one. I’m only going to review gear that we sell, and we don’t sell anything that we aren’t currently using or have used ourselves. Having said all that, I want to introduce you to the TightSpot Quiver. What is the benefit to having a quiver for your arrows? Simply put, a quiver is place to hold your arrows. But hunting arrows differ from other arrows because they have deadly sharp broadheads. So this location needs to house your broadheads safely. And of course this location needs to be easy to reach and efficient. TightSpot on a Nitrum Turbo In a hunting situation you need to get to your arrows with the least amount of movement. How about a hip quiver? I have seen some hunters using a hip quiver on TV, but I have not seen these same hunters in the same kinds of backcountry areas where I find deer and elk. These backcountry areas are where you’ll find deadfalls, creek crossings, and 2,000’ ascents. A private ranch somewhere lead by guides? Yea, you can use a hip quiver there. But for the rest of us public land, or western hunters, I think it's pretty clear that we need a quiver that attaches to our bow. Ok, but why the TightSpot quiver? Here are a few reasons you probably know about, and a few you might not.
  • -Durability. These things are just plain tough. While I don’t recommend that you drive over one with your truck, you could.
  • -Safety. The TightSpot hood is larger and deeper than your average quiver, protecting your broadheads from exposure, and you from their sharp blades.
  • -Quick and light. The TightSpot 5 arrow quiver is just 9.9 oz. The 3 arrow quiver is only 6.86 oz. And with TightSpot's “Quickdraw” system, your first arrow comes out quick and silent.
  • -Iron Clad Guarantee. If it breaks -no matter how- TightSpot will fix it or replace it. Free.
  • -Made in the USA. Damn Straight!
TightSpot Mounting Bracket Here are some reasons why you should use a Tightspot Quiver that you may not know about.

tightspot quiver mount


Don’t spend $139.95 on a quiver, slap it on and be done with it. ADJUST IT. Here’s how:
  • Up and Down. Move the quiver up enough so that your arrow nocks are above your bottom limb. this will keep your nocks out of the dirt if you happen to set your bow down. This is done by loosening the 2 (older models have 4) bolts on the crossbar. And sliding the quiver up or down to where you want it.
  • Forward and back. Treat the quiver like a stabilizer. Move the top of the quiver (hood end) forward and back to better balance your bow. This is adjusted by loosening the 2 bolts that attach your quiver mount to your sight. I found that a slight top forward lean is best for my setup. Take your bow to the range, and try different positions.
  • Closer to your bow. Slide the TightSpot quiver as close to your bow as possible using the one handed clamp bar. I flipped the my mount upside-down to get the quiver even closer. Then move the rubber spacer to be a contact point between the quiver and your cable guard. This will greatly reduce the possibility of vibration.
tightspot holds multiple sized arrows tightspot quiver hood

Arrow Holder.

The whole point of a quiver is to what? Thats right, hold your arrows. Tightspot is the best in the industry at doing just that.
  • The deep hood keeps your broadheads safe, and silent with noise dampening foam between the broadhead grip and the hood.
  • The arrow wedge system is brilliant. Simply tighten each wedge to increase the grip on your arrows’ shaft. More wedge, for slimmer arrows, less wedge for larger diameter arrows.
  • Your #1 arrow comes out clean and quiet facing you. Less movement and super quick.
tightspot hood foam insert

Less Vibration and noise.

I’m not going to tell you that a quiver will reduce vibration and noise. Because by adding anything to your bow you are bound to be increasing some noise and vibration. I will say that they have made great strides in diminishing as much vibration and noise as possible. I’ll also mention that staying on top of things like keeping the arrow holding wedge screws tight and your arrows properly stored in the hood go a long ways in keeping noise and vibration out of the equation.

TightSpot 3 and 5 arrow LostCamoXD


The TightSpot Quiver comes in either a left or right handed model. A 5 arrow or 3 arrow quiver, and 13 different colors including new for 2016 Kuiu Verde and Vias. You can also get the new LostCamoXD pattern for Mathews fans.

Better Hunter.

Does all this make you a better hunter? Hell yes! Here’s why:
  • Shoot better. We already decided that you need a quiver on your bow in hunting situations. The Tightspot with its dramatically reduced torque will help you be more consistent when you shoot with a quiver. I recommend ALWAYS shooting with your quiver full and attached to your bow. Why? The single most important shot you take will be at an animal with a quiver on your bow, and your quiver will likely be full when you take it. Why not make every other shot you take a practice for that moment? “You will perform like you practice”... just sayin’
  • Quicker and quieter. The less movement you need to take when pulling out that first arrow the better. The tightspot is designed to make this first movement as easy and slight as possible. And if you do happen to bump your hood with your broadhead while you pull your arrow from your quiver, you’re covered with its lipped insert.
  • Backcountry cred. Gear that is well made, thought out, and reliable is crucial when you’re hunting the backcountry. If my quiver breaks, or if I loose an arrow, it could mean the difference between harvesting that animal and making a trip back to town. Backcountry hunting is hard enough, don’t make it harder on yourself by using unreliable gear.
When I think about products that I use for hunting the backcountry, one of the questions I ask myself is this: If I were 4 miles in, ready to put a stalk on a nice buck or bull, will I be wishing that I had a different piece of gear? Two years ago, I had a cow call that quit working. I’m sure you can imagine what I would have paid to have a good quality cow call in my pocket at that moment. Do as much as you can in the off season to make your setup as worry free in the backcountry as you can. The Tightspot Quiver will help you accomplish this goal. -Rob

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