TighSpot 7 Arrow Quiver

tightspot 7 arrow hunting quiver

2017 TightSpot 7 Arrow Quiver

I know what you’re saying.. “Why would I need 7 arrows?” My answer is you don’t, unless you're a western hunter. 


Adjust it!

If you read my review on the TightSpot 5 arrow quiver from 2016, you’ll find that I’m a huge fan of the TightSpot. It WILL make you a better hunter. Simply put, as a western style spot and stalk hunter, you need to be able to shoot with your quiver attached to your bow. And the TightSpot quiver is the most adjustable quiver on the market allowing you to perfectly balance your setup. If you have to shoot with a quiver attached, use the TightSpot, and ADJUST it to help your shooting and to eliminate torque. TightSpot 7 arrow quiver horizontal view

2017 Changes for TightSpot

For 2017 TightSpot brings us a 7 arrow quiver in 3 colors: Matte Black, Lost Camo XD, and Realtree Xtra. We also get a new larger XL mounting bracket that gives you a lot more adjustability, and a little more room for those hunters with dovetail sights. I am running a 4" dovetail on my Black Gold Verdict sight and I have a full inch of space behind my dovetail to mount my TightSpot right up against the riser. They have also lightened up their adjustable sight mounting bracket by 40%. This mounting bracket is only necessary for sights with adjustment wheels near the rear of the sight, like some HHA sights and the Boss Hogg. If you're not sure if you need one, give me a call and I'll help you out. tightspot quiver xl mounting bracket

Do you NEED 7 arrows?

But why do you need 7 arrows? Why not stick with the 5 arrow quiver? To me it's simple. You never know where your next hunting trip is going to take you. If you were doing a September archery only elk hunt in the backcountry of Idaho for 10 days, would you carry 5 arrows or 7? I’m carrying 7! I can already hear the old timers saying “if you can't hit something with 5 shots you have no business being out there”. That may be true, but my favorite unit also has an open hunt for mule deer. Additionally I can hunt sage grouse, wolves, bears, and coyotes during that same hunt in September. There is nothing worse than making a trip back to the truck for more arrows, so why not carry them with you? tightspot 7 arrow quiver on bow

How in the..?

How do they do it? When I saw this design I instantly thought "these guys are genius's! They made the number 2 and 4 slots deeper, to allow you to stack the arrows over the same slots. Its so simple and yet functional! They also increased the size of the hood just a touch to accommodate the extra tips/broadheads. tightspot 7 arrow quiver slots Tightspot 7 arrow quiver hood

Whats the catch?

I know what you’re saying now.. What's it gonna cost me? Money? Extra weight? What's the catch? Here is the kicker. There is no catch!
  • The price is the same.
  • The durability is the same.
  • The size is the same.
  • Arrows stay in the quiver the same.
  • The quiver fits tight against your bow the same.
  • And the weight is the same! (9.9oz vs 10 oz is pretty darn close anyway)
And no one ever said that you have to carry 7 arrows all the time. Take only as many as you need having the confidence of knowing that if you need more, you can carry more. The bottom line on the TightSpot 7 arrow quiver is that you now have the option of carrying 7 arrows, with no real downside. I truly love a company that continues to innovate and constantly is improving their products. I honestly did not know how you could make a quiver better than last years TightSpot, but they have done it with the 7 arrow quiver and the new XL mounting bracket.

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