S&S Archery Backcountry Approved Gear

March 23, 2017 5 min read

S&S Archery Backcountry Approved Gear

Backcountry Approved Gear from S&S Archery

S&S Archery is always testing new products in search of the best possible gear for the Backcountry Hunter. We recommend and use all of the products in our online store, but these Backcountry Approved products are the best of the best. Custom built and perfectly suited for the backcountry hunter, these are also the same tools that we use for our backcountry adventures.
Black gold verdict Rob getting his Verdict dialed in at the range

S&S Built Black Gold Verdict 5 pin and 3 pin

This sight is custom made to S&S specs. This 5 pin or 3 pin Verdict is our recommended sight for western style hunting with the backcountry hunter in mind. Specs include:
  • 4" dovetail. The dovetail allows you to have 10 places to mount your sight, vs the 3 on the standard mount. This allows you to really fine tune your sight picture, and WILL make you more accurate.
  • Widowmaker housing. We like the gang adjustability of the widowmaker housing with our any worry about noise or vibration.
  • 1 3/4" guard size. This tends to give you more accuracy at longer ranges and is easier to align with a standard peep size.
  • Nitrous Green sight ring. This color tends to be the easiest to see in low light situations, necessary for hunting.
  • GGYGG, or GYG. We want to use the green pin as much as possible because its the best in low light and halos the least. We use the yellow pin to break that up to reduce clutter and allow you to find your pin quicker.
  • 19, 19, 19, 10, 10 or 19, 19, 10. We figure the farthest shot in low light would be between 30 and 40 yards, so thats where we cut off the .019 pins and switch to .010 pins. On the Black Gold sights, the .019 pins still have brightness at first light, but the .010 pins don't.
Hilleberg Enan Elk hunting in central Idaho

Hilleberg Enan Solo Backpacking Tent

The Enan is based off the extremely popular Akto tent design but is stripped down using Hilleberg's extremely light Kerlon 1000 tent fabric. With a side entry door and an extremely large vestibule the tent is the perfect design layout for the backcountry hunter, spacious enough to spend all day in it during in-climate weather and light enough at 1lb 15oz it won't weigh you down either! I like to run just the fly with the footprint to maximize interior space, and minimize condensation.
Swaro ATS 65mm Steve glassing up a bull on a late summer scouting trip

Swarovski ATS Angled 65mm Spotting Scope with 25-50W eyepiece

The ATS 65 HD has been a favorite of guides and hunters for years. At 48oz it offers the best optical performance/weight ratio of any 65mm scope on the market today. We like the 25-50x wide angle eyepiece for all day viewing comfort, and to avoid that tunnel vision that can be common amongst other 65mm scopes.
slik cf 522 Early morning scouting for monster muleys in the backcountry

Slik CF 522 Carbon Fiber Tripod

The newest Slik tripod has “Rapid Flip Mech” leg locks, a great upgrade to the typical Slik leg locks. Its close to the same height as the Promaster XC525c yet at 29 oz weighs the same as the much lighter Slik 624 Pro CF. This tripod also comes with a small ball head and flashlight in the center column. Both are functional, but we recommend running the tripod without either, bringing the weight down to 1.8lbs.
Swarovski slc 10x42 SLC's doing their job on a late spring bear hunt

Swarovski SLC 10x42 Binocular

Perfection meets tradition. The SLC has been a staple of the hunting and birding community for over 25 years for good reason. The HD lenses and Swarobright coatings provide high contrast ultra sharp images you have to see to believe. All wrapped up in a rugged rugged armor to protect your investment, and Swaroclean coating helps keep dust and dirt from sticking to your glass. The ergonomic design and silky smooth focus wheel ensure optimum viewing and operating comfort for long days of glassing for game.
first lite Uncompahgre jacket Rob staying warm in the pre-dawn light of a scouting trip

First Lite Uncompahgre Puffy Jacket

The First Lite Uncompahgre Puffy Jacket is a problem-solver for cold weather, low activity and "hurry up and wait" style hunts. This Puffy Jacket is the insulating component of the First Lite Layering Kit. Built around 37.5 by Cocona's Active Particle Technology, the Uncompahgre's liner and insulation actively transport moisture from the inside and pushes it to the outside where it evaporates before it stinks. Combine that with a body mapped insulation pattern providing warmth where it is needed and you have the ultimate insulation layer whether you're glassing at 10,000ft or bum chugging a Coors at sea level.
tightspot 7 arrow quiver Can't wait to get this bow in the high country!

Tight Spot 7 Arrow Quiver

The TightSpot 7 Arrow Quiver is the answer to a lot of the inherent problems with today's quivers. An ingenious design that brings the quiver as close as possible to your riser drastically reducing torque and thus increasing accuracy. They have added 2 additional arrow mounts with only a .1 oz penalty. This perfect quiver is now perfecter!
First Lite Seak Stormtight Jacket Lenny carving up meat in the swamp

First Lite Seak Stormtight Jacket

The Seak Stormtight is simply the best rain jacket you can buy for torrential conditions. If you can count on rain, you can count on this jacket to keep you dry.
Benro S2 Early spring bear scouting in Idaho

Benro S2 Video Head

If you want a premium pan head without breaking the bank, this is a great option. Silky smooth and will handle anything from your binoculars to your 85mm scope. At just 18oz, it stays where you lock it down. You'll be hard pressed to find a better performing fluid pan head at that weight for the money.
First Lite Wilkin Taking a break in early September

First Lite Wilkin 1/2 Zip with Aerowool

Whats the big deal with Aerowool? It dry's super fast, is super durable (thanks to the poly mix), and still has enough Merino Wool to keep the stink down. Perfect for early season backcountry hunts!

First Lite Dobson Boxer with Aerowool

Again, Aerowool is a blend of 65% polyester and 35% Merino wool. Its just the right combination to keep the smell at bay while providing all the benefits of a quick drying, durable, lightweight fabric. Perfect for boxers.
ripcord ace micro Steve on a late season mule deer hunt

Ripcord ACE

The Ripcord ACE is a micro adjust cable actuated fall away rest that has all of the features you need and nothing you don't. We love it because it allows you to cock the rest into place without having to draw keeping your arrow from bouncing around while you stalk that giant muley!
prana stretch zion Rob and Jason in the beautiful Frank Church Wilderness during the 2016 Death Hike

prAna Stretch Zion Pants

Want an inexpensive alternative hunting pant when you don't need camo? These pants are designed for rock climbers, so you know they are durable. But they are also a 4 way stretch that moves with you, are breathable, and dry very quickly.
Sawyer water filter Elk hunting in 2016

Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter

When paired with the Sawyer Accessories kit, it becomes a lightning fast way to fill your water bladder without taking it out of your pack. Super light weight, and reliable. Perfect for the backcountry.
backcountry bar Exo Mountain Gear Crew on a early morning hike enjoying a Backcountry Bar for breakfast

Backcountry Bar

This aptly named nutritional bar is almost a full meal. Plenty of quality fats and protein to keep you satisfied, without a ton of crash inducing sugar. It's also as durable as the backcountry, it wont freeze or get sloppy, or fall apart in your pack.

S&S Archery Logo

With this logo parked on your truck, there will be no mistake who the real hunter is at the trail head.

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