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New Quivalizer with a Molded Hood

2017 gear Quivalizer with molded hood

Updated lighter weight Quivalizer with molded hood

I have been using the original Option Archery Quivalizer for a couple years now. Not only for target and 3d shooting but also for hunting. If you read my original review from 2016 HERE, you’ll find that not only did it improve my shooting at longer distances, but it also lightened up my bow setup by about a pound. And that's the purpose of the Quivalizer. Reduce your bow weight and give you a more stable and balanced shot. It’s a super adjustable quiver that is deployable as a stabilizer. 2017 brings a new Quivalizer with a molded hood. Is it better? Fast forward 18 months and I am still shooting the Quivalizer. I have not had a single problem with it, and if I did, I know that Option Archery would stand behind their product and repair it or replace it with no questions asked. I have tried other setups using a Tightspot Quiver and a Stokerized Stabilizer since then, and while they did work for me very well, for now I simply prefer the lighter weight setup that the Quivalizer provides.

Quivalizer with molded hood

Changes for 2017

New for 2017 Option Archery has added another USA made Quivalizer with a molded hood. The new hood is fully adjustable, meaning that the hood can be slid in or out on the carbon rod depending on arrow length. This allows for even further fine tuning and a better balanced bow. I shoot a longer arrow, just because the extra length allows it to be better spined to my bow. So I personally keep the hood as far out on the rod as possible. I did some tuning with the hood brought in a few inches, but liked the feel of the bow with the hood out as far as possible much better. I highly recommend trying different positions to see what feels best to you.

Quivalizer with molded hood Larger Molded Hood

Larger Adjustable Molded Hood

The larger hood is a big improvement in my opinion. My 125 gn Solid Broadheads with their huge cutting diameter fit comfortably in the new larger molded hood. The rubber insert is also an improvement over the foam. My broadheads tore up the foam in my original Quivalizer pretty good. But they don't seem to damage the rubber insert near as bad, and seem to hold much better.

New polymer crossbar

New Crossbar

Also improved is the cross bar that holds the arrows. A new type of “2 stage” (micro and standard arrows) mount seems to hold my micro diameter arrows a little tighter. But the original Quivalizer had no problems with my arrows.

Lighter weight Quivalizer with molded hood

Lighter weight

This new quivalizer is also another 1.5oz lighter. This was accomplished by using a “tonka toy” like tough polymer on the hood, that also replaces the aluminum cross bar that holds the arrows. Total weight for the new molded hood Quivalizer is 11.8 oz. That includes all mounting hardware. Compared to a 10 oz quiver and a 15 oz stabilizer with back bar, and you can easily see how you can drop a full pound off your setup.

Quivalizer with molded hood in the field

Tips on using the Quivalizer

When I am adjusting the Quivalizer in stabilizer mode, I am looking for 2 things. I want my pins to slow down, but I also want them easy to move. When you add weight to a stabilizer sometimes it can slow the pins down so much that it's hard to make small adjustments to your aim. Your small changes in aim turn into larger movements. So I always start with as much weight forward as possible, and then bring it back in until the pins are slow, but not hard to move. I also dial in with 4 arrows in my Quivalizer. I’m trying to mimic a real world shot as much as possible. Its also a good idea to balance your bow with your Quivalizer in quiver mode (attached to the side of your bow). You’d be surprised how a better balance can be found just by tilting the top of the quivalizer forward, or back depending on your setup. Give it a try. Also be sure to shoot with the quivalizer in both modes. I have found situations where a quick shot is needed when you don't have time to deploy into stabilizer mode. So practice both ways.

Quivalizer with molded hood in the backcountry


The only downside to this new Quivalizer with a polymer molded hood would have to be durability. When exchanging aluminum parts with tough polymer parts to save weight, you're obviously going to give up some durability. However I did beat the crap out of it in the backcountry of Idaho, hunting hard for 10+ days in September this year with no signs of wear. It's very impressive.


I hope this helps you make a decision on either the original Quivalizer or the new 2017 Quivalizer with molded hood. You really can’t go wrong with either model, but if you’re concerned with weight, the new molded hood Quivalizer will save you some ounces… and a few bucks!

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