New 2016 First Lite Gear

New 2016 First Lite Gear
In 2016 First Lite continues it's innovative approach to hunting apparel. Adding more sizes, expanding their women's lineup and adding a new super fabric is just the beginning. They have also added new rain gear, cold weather gear, and even an ultralight puffy. Here is the scoop on the new 2016 First Lite products.


One of the highlights of the 2016 First Lite product line is Aerowool. First Lite has taken the best properties of its Merino wool, and combined it with Cocona 37.5 treated polyester fibers to create Aerowool. A super fast drying, moisture wicking, and ultra breathable super fabric that regulates your temperature while keeping you stink free. One of the cool side effects of this union is durability. Are you serious?? Coming from a guy who wears First Lite Merino wool daily, this is very exciting! Imagine, Sweat less, exert less energy, and stay more comfortable. How does this work? Here is a breakdown:


The unique molecular structure and neutral charge of wool fibers prevents the attraction of odor-causing bacteria. Enhanced by hydrophilic Cocona 37.5 fibers, moisture is quickly pulled away from the skin and transported through the fabric, eliminating the moisture needed for bacteria to form.


When your body is not spending its resources and calories on cooling or warming the body, you’re more efficient. You have more stamina. You think more clearly. You can make a better shot.


Aerowool works in the vapor stage, before you break into a sweat. If your activity level increases suddenly or the temperature heats up and liquid sweat appears, First Lite Aerowool dries 3-5 times faster than other competitive Merino products.


Removing moisture allows you to be more comfortable in a wider range of temperatures and activity levels. As heat builds and sweat develops during exertion, the IR energy captured by 37.5 active particles will evaporate that moisture faster. As temperature drops and body temp cools, 37.5 active particles retain that IR energy and act as a thermal barrier to keep you warm.

You can find Aerowool in the following 2016 First Lite gear:


Minaret Aerowool Crew Top

We married our top-shelf Merino Wool for odor mitigation with the incredible moisture wicking properties of our outerwear technology, 37.5 by Cocona, and created Aerowool--the ultimate active hunting and warm weather ultralight base layer. Anytime a premium is placed on moisture evacuation during active hunting or use in hot climates, First Lite's exclusive Aerowool is your new go-to base layer. The Minaret Crew is the top layer of the system, providing fantastic moisture wicking with the odor mitigation you know and love from Merino to help you stay cool in the most demanding environments. WILKIN_QZ_AEROwool_FUSION

Wilkin Half Zip with Aerowool

We married our top-shelf Merino Wool for odor mitigation with the incredible moisture wicking properties of our outerwear technology, 37.5 and created Aerowool. Anytime a premium is placed on moisture evacuation, i.e. active hunting or hot climates, Aerowool is your new go-to baselayer. The Wilkin is the 1/2 zip top layer of the system, providing fantastic moisture wicking and a long zipper to help you stay cool and stink-free in the most demanding environments. DOBSON_BOXER_AEROwool_FUSION

Dobson Aerowool Boxer Briefs

Our customers often tell us that our briefs are the most important piece in their First Lite system and the Dobson is sure to live up to that sky high benchmark. We married our top-shelf Merino Wool for odor mitigation and thermal regulation with the incredible moisture wicking properties of our outerwear technology, 37.5 by Cocona, and created First Lite Aerowool. Anytime a premium is placed on moisture evacuation during active hunting or hunting in warm climates, Aerowool is your new go-to base layer. GLENBROOK_3 4_BOTTOM_AEROwool_FUSION

Glenbrook 3/4 Length Aerowool Bottoms

Based upon a popular concept in mountaineering, cycling and backcountry skiing, the Glenbrook 3/4 Bottom is the perfect "tweener" base layer for crisp autumn mornings that are sure to get warmer as the day goes on. We married our top-shelf Merino Wool for odor mitigation with the incredible moisture wicking properties of our outerwear technology, 37.5 by Cocona, and created First Lite Aerowool. Anytime a premium is placed on moisture evacuation, during active hunting or hunting in warmer climates, Aerowool is your new go-to base layer. GLOVE_MERINO_FUSION

AeroWool Liner Glove

If you are like us and hunt in warmer temperatures in the early season but still need to conceal your hands when you close the distance, the First Lite Aerowool Liner Glove is the perfect addition to your kit. Built from First Lite's Aerowool comprised of Merino wool and 37.5 by Cocona Technology, the Aerowool Liner Glove builds upon the success of our Merino Liner while adding increased durability and better moisture wicking for a better grip on your stock or bow.

New 2016 First Lite ULTRALIGHT Outer Layers


Cirrus Ultralight Insulating Jacket

True backcountry hunting can very quickly turn into a game of ounces where every gram shed allows the hunter to go that much farther. With that in mind, we engineered a 13.5 ounce insulating jacket with 60g 37.5 by Cocona synthetic insulation throughout, allowing you to carry all the protection you'll need in a package that’s feather-light. Packing into its own pocket and featuring a cut built to reside within the First Lite layering system, the Cirrus Insulating Jacket is a must-have for any backcountry excursion from September through May. VAPOR_STORMlight_JACKET_FUSION

Vapor Stormlight Ultralight Rain Jacket

Any backcountry hunter will tell you that carrying a solid rain jacket is a necessary evil for any trip into the sticks. Understanding this fact, we designed the Vapor Stormlight Rain Jacket as a no frills, bomber ultralight rain jacket that can keep you dry when you need it while also packing into its own pocket when not in use. At a featherweight 12 ounces, this hooded 2.5 layer rain jacket is the best of both worlds

New 2016 First Lite Cold Weather Gear


Grizzly Cold Weather Glove

Nothing can kill a good hunt like dangerously cold hands and let's face it--Often times, the colder the weather, the better the hunting. Enter First Lite's Grizzly Cold Weather Glove, a revolution in hunting that delivers the ultimate cold weather glove. The Grizzly features a waterproof outer with leather palms, an articulating trigger finger, hang tabs, "snot pads", wrist and arm cinches and construction that is built to last. This outer can also be used with most of First Lite's other gloves like the Shale, Aerowool Liner Glove, or Scree. The included removable liner mirrors the three-finger concept and features a combination of shearling wool and synthetic insulation. If you're looking for the penultimate cold weather hunting glove, the Grizzly is your last stop. WOODBURY_JACKET_FUSION

Woodbury Mid Season Jacket

If silence is golden, consider the new Woodbury Midseason Jacket the new gold standard of stationary hunting jackets. Featuring the same outer fabric and insulation as the legendary Sanctuary Jacket with 40% less insulation, this is your new midseason happy place. Features include a removable Turret System Hood, grunt tube holder, kidney warmer pockets, large internal mesh pockets, a large external back pocket, rangefinder pocket, deep zippered hand pockets all wrapped in a nearly silent package, this jacket is a game changer for treestand hunters and waterfowlers alike. TUNDRA_BALACLAVA_FUSION

Tundra Cold Weather Balaclava

Staying longer in the field often necessitates staying warm no matter how low the mercury drops. For those of us who hunt in the extreme cold--weather it's active big game hunting, long days in the stand or waiting out the morning on a sub zero waterfowl hunt, the Tundra Cold Weather Balaclava is the answer. Featuring a combination of sofshell construction to keep you dry with a Merino facemask so that you can call and breathe, as well as an ultra warm shearling wool liner, this is next-level protection in winter's worst weather. BRAMBLER_HD_Gaiters_Fusion

Brambler Gaiter

We know that a great all-seasons gaiter is designed and constructed to last a lifetime and the Brambler was created to do just that and more. Overbuilt and as burly as your favorite boots, this 37.5 by Cocona Technology gaiter utilizes Hypalon straps, Cordura insteps and bombproof seams to keep you dry in the roughest hunting country. Field tested in BC and all over the Western US, the Brambler is your new ironclad gaiter. TAG_CUFF_BEANIE_FUSION

Tag Cuff Merino Beanie

The First Lite Tag Cuff Beanie is a classic heavyweight 100% Merino beanie designed to be worn in any occasion.

How about an absolute bomb proof rain jacket? Check!


SEAK Stormtight Heavy Duty Rain Jacket

If you spend time where sunshine is a rarity but rain, sleet, fog or snow are the norm, then we feel your pain. The SEAK Stormtight Jacket was specifically designed for our friends in places like Alaska, BC and the Pacific Northwest who expect to hunt, fish and just plain live in the rain for days on end but still want unparalleled breathability without sacrificing protection from the elements. With features like its thee-and-a-half layer construction, Turret System Hood, waterproof zippers, ultratight adjustable cuffs and a super-burly construction, the SEAK is built for whatever you can throw at it.

First Lite is also adding a line of concealment gear!


Phantom Leafy Suit Top

Designed and built for those of us who want to simply disappear when we get close to our quarry, the Phantom 3D Leafy Jacket is a leafy concealment piece in our First Lite Fusion that allows the user the very best in 3D camouflage. With features like extra burly YKK zippers and printed mesh, this is the one leafy top that is built to last. The Phantom is designed and sized to fit over whatever you're wearing in the field and can be worn in any weather over your layering system. PHANTOM_3D_Balaclava_FUSION Phantom Leafy Balaclava The perfect companion to the Phantom Leafy Suit Top, the Phantom 3D Balaclava is lightweight and breathable mesh that layers quietly over head wear for maximum concealment without adding warmth. A rear locking draw cord adds adjustability for optimized fit.

The hunting pants women have been waiting for!


Alturas Women's Pant

It's about time somebody made a women's hunting pant that left nothing to chance. Made from the same nylon (not polyester) materials and construction as our popular Corrugate Guide Pant, the Alturas women's pant is built to endure season after season while providing an athletic fit that lets you be both fast and quiet. Unlike other women's hunting pants, the Alturas takes every component that we created in our men's pants and simply applies it to pants cut for a woman, plain and simple.

Tall Sizes!!


First Lite Corrugate Guide Pant

First Lite Corrugate Guide Pant is designed to be the best lightweight, breathable and durable hunting pant around. Inspired by mountaineering and rockclimbing this pant is built around a simple design to keep you moving with built in stretch and 3D double cargo pockets. And now they are offered in Medium Tall, Large Tall, and Extra Large Tall!


First Lite Kanab 2.0

Now in Medium Tall, Large Tall, and Extra Large Tall, the First Lite Kanab 2.0 pant is First Lite's newest design to the Kanab. They have added durable stretch fabric for even more freedom of movement, they updated the styling and have slightly changed the fit. This pant is the ultimate hunting pant. They are made from 90% rip stop Merino wool and have specifically placed panels of stretch nylon for durability. We're really excited to be offering First Lite this year, as you can see they have a lot of great new products. If you find something that you like, but cant find the size or color on our website that you want CALL ME!! I can probably get it for you. Rob 208-495-4222

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