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Help! I need more left windage on my Black Gold sight!

Black Gold Sight need more left

More Left!!

Are you trying to setup your Black Gold sight, and finding that you need more left windage? This is a problem that is becoming more common with increasing riser widths. But fear not, most of the time there is a reason why you need more left windage, and it has more to do with your rest and bow tune than the sight itself.


Tune Tune

Step 1. Is this a new bow? If so, make sure your bow is tuned properly! Shoot through paper, is your rest is tuned correctly? Check out Mark's great write up on paper tuning your bow here.

Step 2. Walk back tune your bow. Again we get help from Mark on walk back tuning here.

Still need more left?

Step 3. We're here to help. This is where years and years of experience with Black Gold sights comes in to play. There is a secret tip that can get you the extra left you need without buying an XL windage bar, and we’re going to share it with you! black gold more left


A little known adjustment baked in to the 1st axis mount allows you to move the sight left on the base. If you remove the top and bottom screws of the football shaped 1st axis adjustment mount you’ll see that you can move the mount over to the left.

remove 2nd axis mounting screws Remove the 2 inner screws and move the "football" shaped mount over one position.

football in stock position football mount moved over Re-attach your 1st axis mount, re-level your sight to the bow and shoot.

before Before
after After


This gives MOST archers enough left to comfortably dial in your sight. Keep in mind that you will have to re-level the sight to your bow using your second axis adjustments. Your sight should look like this: Black gold moved left

Give us a call

STILL need more left? We recommend giving Black Gold a call to inquire about their XL windage bar. Install is super easy if you have the non-micro head, pretty involved if you have the micro-gang adjust (widowmaker) housing. You'll definitely want to discuss with them your options. You can reach them at (406) 388-9060.

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