Wiser Precision Quick-StiX

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*Trekking poles not included

The Quick-StiX System will turn your trekking poles into a pair of shooting sticks. This is the perfect setup for everyone from the serious ounce counter to a hunter just looking to make their gear more functional.

Snap them on to your trekking poles and create a stable shooting platform in seconds.


  • Made in the USA!
  • Durable high density polymer, resistant against the elements.
  • Stainless Steel hardware to withstand the corrosiveness of nature.
  • User adjustable rotational stops, to suit YOUR needs.

Long range stability in the palm of your hand
You hunt hard, it’s time your gear starts working harder for you. Now your trekking poles can! Add the Quick-StiX to your trekking poles and instantly have a pair of shooting sticks in the palm of your hands.

Ultralight construction
Designed to be ultralight, at only 2.38oz* your inner ounce counter will be pleased. Leave your bipod at home next hunt and be prepared to go deeper and hunt harder into the backcountry with less weight on your back.

Elevate your hunt
Get above the brush and terrain features getting in the way of making a prone shot and make the shot happen by using your trekking poles to establish a rock solid shooting rest.

Immediate deployment
Shot opportunities can come and go in an instance. Be ready when that moment arrives with the Quick-StiX rapid connecting system. Simply insert the lugs, twist your poles and make your shot!


2.38oz* (67.50g) (w/long clamp screws and two rotational stop screws)
Compatible Trekking Pole Diameter: 0.629 - 0.708" (16mm - 18mm)

Rotational Stop Angle:

45°, 67.5°, 90° or no stops.

Customer Reviews

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Matt P.
Wiser Precision Quick Stix

Awesome & great idea! Tripods are great when you have plenty of time for setup. These take no time and already worked great for my son’s turkey stalk. They did start to squeak but I’m sure if you keep them clean that will sold itself.

Joel Frye

This is such a great product. So many uses for something so simple and cheap. If you’re not using them then you don’t ever notice they are there. But when that moment comes when you need a rest and can’t get prone in steep terrain these will make you wish you purchased them a long time ago. I used them this year on my out of state rifle elk hunt and they were a huge part of me being able to take my first bull elk. In steep brushy terrain they were a great option for front support of my rifle that allowed me to use my pack as my rear support to make a great 650 yard one shot kill.
Thanks Mark and Steve and the “Hunt the Back Country Podcast” with the fast shipping I was able to add these to my kit right before I left for my trip and I sure am glad I did. I even bought a second pair to add to my dads poles.

Quick Stix

Just got these for a moose hunt in Newfoundland. S&S shipped them quickly and they attached easily. While practicing shooting with them, they help a great deal with keeping the gun steady. Looking forward to putting them to use in a few days!

Terry Brew
Quick Stik

Fast shipping, easy to install. They work quite well as shooting sticks without having to pack a bipod. I have shot several hundred rounds off of them so far in the last week, shooting targets, gophers, coyotes etc with a variety of rifles. 22, 223, 280 and 375 ruger. No issues.

Pat Fullerton

It was really easy to put on my poles and adjust them with the provided screws. I’m excited to put them to use during hunting season. The only thing that I was bummed about was the machining quality. The chamfer was really off to one side and nothing on the other side. Because of cosmetics I gave it a 4.