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UltraView UV3XL SE- Hunting Cartridge

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Switching to a 3-pin, double-pin, or single-pin setup is a breeze with this system, and you won't have to fiddle with your yardage marks either. This is thanks to the fixed middle pin in all the cartridges – a real time-saver.

The 3-Pin Cartridge is decked out with Green-Yellow-Green pins, each at 0.015". Plus, there's an extra yellow pin at the very bottom, sized at 0.010", for even more precision.

As for the double pin cartridges, they feature a green central pin paired with a red secondary pin. You've got options here too – choose between 0.019" and 0.010" sizes to suit your preference.

And the good news is, these UV3XL™ SE - Hunting Cartridges are fully compatible with all UV3XL scopes, giving you the flexibility to upgrade without the need for a new scope.
  • Designed specifically for single or double pin hunting setups.
  • Comes with either a single pin or double pin in 0.010” or 0.019”.
  • For double pin setups: The top pin is green and the bottom pin is red. The pin gap distance is 0.25" which matches up perfectly with Spot Hogg's double pin indicator.
  • For single pin setups: The single pin is green
  • Allows you to have individual cartridges pre-setup for all your disciplines of archery; Hunting, 3D, Field, Indoor, Outdoor etc…
  • Your point of impact does not change when you swap your cartridges. For example, you could have a 0.019” cartridge setup for close distance white tail and a 0.010” setup for long distance elk hunting and interchange both and hit the same spot at all distances.
  • This cartridge will hold both a lens and an up-pin at the same time (unlike the UV2 cartridge).
  • The cartridge is constructed out of a high quality molded polymer core.
  • The distance between the pins on the double pin set up is 0.25".

Customer Reviews

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Austin Tate
Great Experience

I was a little hesitant buying from here thinking it would be a scam. I was completely wrong. What a great company. My order showed up two days faster than scheduled. Emails were sent when it shipped along with order confirmation and tracking. I’ll never hesitate to buy from yall again! You’re doing it right! Thank you!