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Swarovski ATX 65mm HD Objective

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Swarovski ATX 65mm HD Objective

Swarovski's new ATX modular system is a revolutionary new idea in spotting scopes. This system integrates the eyepiece and prism into one unit and then offers 3 objective sizes of 65, 85, and 95mm. This 65mm obejctive is lightweight, compact and perfect for the backcountry hunter concerned with weight.

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Objective Lens Diameter: 65mm

Weight: 1.7lbs

Customer Reviews

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Barry Hallsted
Small but incredible images

I picked up a few more Swarovski components including the 65mm lens for travel. I have used it with my ATX and BTX eyepieces and it may be small, but oh so mighty! I have set it up for family events and plan to use it when we travel. The image is so sharp and crisp. It doesn't compare to my 115mm lens in low light conditions, but I never expected it to. But in daylight it is absolutely phenomenal. Highly recommended for back country hunts or to watch birds and game when traveling!