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Spot Hogg Wiseguy Archery Release

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Spot Hogg Wiseguy Archery Release 


The Spot Hogg Wiseguy Archery Release is one of the best index finger releases on the market. I personally started shooting one in 2012 and have been nothing but extremely impressed with it. The micro adjust trigger with no trigger travel allows you to set the perfect tension for your needs and have a crisp, clean torque free shot. Ideal for guys who are shooting D-loops the quick side loading jaw is extremely easy and quick to get on the loop so you are ready to make that shot in an instant. With the forward trigger design and micro adjust length the Wiseguy is a great all around release.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Christopher Smith
Beyond Expectations

I purchased the nylon strap spot hogg release and I am extremely pleased, the wrist strap is very comfortable and the trigger is perfect from the factory, I highly recommend if you are new to archery or an old archery dog like myself.

David C
Great release.

Smooth crisp trigger and excellent wrist strap. My groups instantly improved. I’ll always shoot this release.

Can’t say enough about S&S. They are the best!!


Very smooth trigger release. I like the fact that you can adjust the sensitivity of the release. Belt strap fits and is comfortable. The trigger mechanism folds back when not in use, great overall design

Gary Ayers
Works for me

This is my second Wiseguy release. I’ve been shooting my original for the past three seasons and opted to pick up another one to keep in my pack as a backup. This release has NEVER malfunctioned through the literally thousands of shots I have put it through. Broke away temporarily for a few weeks and tried a Stan thumb release (thought changing my release might improve my grouping)…needless to say, the Stan went back and I’m now a Wiseguy shooter from here on out. In my estimation, you cannot beat the quality and price on this release. I have not had to adjust the trigger on these. Straight out of the packaging, they were perfect for my shot process. I’m a lefty shooter and flipping this around for a left hand shot is really straightforward as well. Love this release!!!

Drew Fez

Built well much like the Spot Hogg sights. Grouping improved immediately. The only negative I’ve found is that it is not as comfortable as my last release (Cobra). And if you’re a bit ocd like me, the leather wrist strap has a strong smell to it. Glad I purchased.