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Carter Atension Back Tension Release


Carter Atension Archery Release

This back-tension release uses R.A.S. technology for precise adjustment. The ergonomic design provides maximum comfort and accuracy. It can be shot either with a D-loop or using the attached rope. Just wrap your fingers around it, settle on the X, relax your arm and tighten your back. Then listen to the crowd cheer after you nail it.

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Trigger Type: Hinge


Made in Idaho

Customer Reviews

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Michael Decker
Takes a beating and keeps on clicking!!!

I’ve owned this release for 16 years along with the Target 3 for the same amount of time. I’ve used both excessively. Primarily I have used the Carter Atension during “spot” shooting events and tournaments. I’ve had thousands of shots with this release and it does the same thing flawlessly each time. Once set to my preference it’s always there shot after shot, clicking and releasing the shot. I may not always be consistent, but this release is. This release is geared more for “spot” shooting but definitely a wise choice when wanting to learn true back tension with a bow. It’s a simple but perfect little release for those learning back tension, wanting to master back tension and compete at a high level. You won’t go wrong here.