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Swarovski NL Pure Binocular

NL Pure
Burnt Orange

Swarovski NL Pure Binocular

Perfection meets tradition. The new NL Pure line from Swarovski offers an astounding 70 degrees of apparent field of view! This equates to 20-40% more FOV than other binoculars. And yes, that does include the Swarovision, Swarovski's field flattening system.  This gives the term "edge to edge" a whole new meaning!  Swarovski improved the focus design making an already butter smooth operation even smoother. Swaro also engineered a brand new prism system to allow a better grip. 

Choice of Models


Groundbreaking optical performance – packed into the smallest possible package: the NL Pure 32 provides the excellent image quality and superb handling of NL binoculars in a compact, lightweight design. With an objective lens diameter of 32 mm (1.3 in), these binoculars are best suited to daytime use. The 8x32 and 10x32 models are available in green and Burnt Orange.


As classic all-round binoculars with a 42 mm (1.7 in) objective lens aperture, the NL Pure 42 meets all requirements,
right through to use in early twilight. It provides the perfect
combination of size, weight, and optical performance. The
8x42, 10x42, and 12x42 models are available in green.


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Customer Reviews

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jim butchart
customer service

10 out of 10, the primary reason I shop with S&S when I can


Amazing glass and quality. Coming from another high end glass, this was no competition. The edge to edge clarity and FOV is unmatched. I’d highly recommend these binos.

Barry Hallsted
Great Bino, Widest Field of View for 10x

I bought these to replace my tired and true Leica's after 30 years of use. They are very bright and the "image flattening" and focus from side to side is as good (I can't ell if it is better or not) than my 12x EL series Swarovskis. I feel, especially with the NL Pure coming out that the EL series is a "best buy." But what really sets these apart is the amazing field of view. These also feel better in my hand and the head rest is a game changer.
Would I replace my EL's if I had a pair of 10x? Probably not. But for birding, the increased field of view is a game changer! I am really glad I got them, and I highly recommend them, but if price and value is a big concern and the extra field of view isn't a big deal, I would go with the EL's.

Nl pure 12x42

Got the 12x42’s. Best purchase I’ve made and Rob is a great guy to buy from. Definitely coming back to buy from again for anything I need in the future. Great customer service

Patty Durkee
Best 8 X 35's Ever!

Great ergonomic design. Lightweight and comfortable to hold for long viewing periods, and the crisp well-lit viewing is incomparable. So glad I paid the larger price tag to finally get these for myself for my 70th birthday.