Slik 6505 QR Plate

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Slik 6505 QR Plate

The Slik 6505 is the lightest weight arca swiss compatible plate we could find. The all metal plate includes the industry standard 1/4 20″ threaded screw for mounting to cameras, adapters and smaller spotting scopes. The durable cork pad creates a solid slip-free connection between the plate and camera to prevent camera drift.

  • Arca Swiss Compatible
  • All Metal w/ Non slip cork base
  • 0.4 oz 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Lightweight and overbuilt.

I got one of these to save some space and weight. It’s perfect for my 66mm spotter and don’t have to set tension between my bino adapter and spotter now. Clamps tight and stays put.

Mike Garrett
Bino holder adapter

It is smaller than I thought it would be. Doesn’t seem to clamp real tight because of its size but will probably do the job

Forrest Barnard
Just what I was looking for

This plate is a perfect addition for adding a camera to your tripod or Bino adapter for glassing using your tripod. It’s super small and light so I don’t even notice it, but makes for quick on and off my tripod.