Ripcord Ace Arrow Rest

Ripcord ACE fall away rest
New for 2015, Ripcord arrow rests has come out with a fall-away rest called the Ripcord ACE. The Ripcord ACE is a cable-actuated rest that, like other fall away rests, is held up in the upright position by the down cable in the last few inches of your draw cycle. However, the Ripcord ACE can also be locked-up in the ready position so that when you draw it just moves the last ¼" or so. Another great feature is that the Ripcord ACE will also remain in the upright position if you have to let down thanks to Ripcords Firefall technology. We have all been there – a buck or bull is just about to come into a shooting lane, you come to full draw and they stop short. After two minutes of holding the bow at full-draw, you are forced to let down and that is when the feature of a rest remaining in the upright position will save your butt. I had this very thing happen to me a few years ago, and when I let down the arrow fell off to the side causing a clanking noise and the bull ran out of sight, never to be seen again. Looking back, if I had a rest that stayed in the upright position, I almost guarantee I would have got a shot at him. For anyone that has talked to me on the phone or through email in the past, I have probably told you on sights that I prefer non-micro adjust. I am firmly in the camp that if the end result does not make me a better bowhunter, less is always more. An advantage of micro adjust on a bow sight is that you can often get sighted in quicker, but once you are sighted in, it doesn't matter how you got there – and at that point, I would rather not have the extra screws, wheels and parts to deal with (more parts that can fail when it matters most). An arrow rest is the one exception to that rule for me, because the finest of movements – 1/64" of an inch for example – can have a major affect on your arrow flight. There are so many dynamic parts and pieces that go into launching an arrow into the air that the smallest of adjustments in the rest can be the difference between great or poor broadhead flight. There are truly a lot of great features built into the new Ripcord ACE; from the new skinny launcher to get better arrow clearance, the micro adjust for fine tuning, the ability to stay locked in the upright position, to the built in soft molding to eliminate noise and more. The features list is pretty impressive. I have had the Ripcord ACE on my bow for a few months now and have been nothing but impressed. Obviously I haven't been able to do a long-term review yet, but but based off what I have seen so far and knowing Ripcord's reputation for quality, I strongly suggest if you are in the market for a new rest, take a good look at the Ripcord ACE. -Steve Speck

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