New 2013 Tightspot Arrow Quiver

New 2013 Tightspot Arrow Quiver
Tightspot has just released their new quiver for 2013. There aren't a lot of changes but how can you improve on perfection :). What they did address was the hood insert, foam has long been the standard to put inside the quiver hood but it definitely has it faults. Number one on that list is that it wears out quickly. Number 2 is that they are very hard to use with mechanical broadheads as you insert the broadhead it wants to push the blades open and number 3 the more you stick your broadheads in and out it will wear down the razor edge of your broadhead. Also if you have a head that is not made out of stainless steel with moisture can get trapped inside the hood and cause rust issues. Tightspot's answer to this is to make the hood insert out of a pre-molded rubber with slots cut into it to hold your broadheads. This will fix all of the inherent issues that come with using foam. Here is a picture of the new hood insert. You can see it will easily take 2, 3 or 4 blade broadheads. Tightspot has also improved on the arrow gripper. While it has always done a good job holding super skinny arrows like the Easton Injexion and Victory VAP the have made the quick draw slot even tighter so that it will hold them better. Lastly Tightspot has also added a new color to the line up, for 2013 you'll have the option of the all new Realtree Xtra camo.

Update: I have been using the new 2013 Tightspot all this spring and have to say I am loving the new Rubber hood insert. Its been a great addition to an already outstanding quiver!


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