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Jason's 2014 Gear List for DIY Backcountry Hunting

April 29, 2014 2 min read

Jason's 2014 Gear List for DIY Backcountry Hunting

Like Steve, I'm always getting phone calls and messages asking for opinions on backpacking and hunting gear. Most of the time my recommendations for people lean towards what I use personally; which is constantly evolving. The following is my current gear list and what I'll be heading into the hills with for spring bear hunts this year. This list changes slightly as the seasons change from spring bear to summer scouting and fall hunts, but the base pack stays the same. You'll find a lot of similar items between my gear list and Steve's list. That is partially because great minds think alike but also because they are likely the best of the best when it comes to quality light weight gear. The items we differ on, are usually because of sizing differences, personal preference, or cost to upgrade. For example; my tent, the BA SL1 was the best option years ago when I started backpacking. I've considered upgrading to the Big Anges UL1 for the weight savings, but tent is only 10oz heavier and is a little longer than the UL1. So until I need to replace it I'll probably stick with the tried and true SL1. For an average 3 day hunt with mild weather (no long johns or extra layers) my base pack without water is 28lbs. This includes optics and camera gear and 3.75-4lbs of food. Here is a list of everything I have in my pack or on me personally:

  • Pack- Kifaru Bikini Frame with Timberline II Bag w/3 accessory pockets and grab it- 6lbs 7oz
  • Tent- Big Agnes SL1 with Hilleberg stakes- 2lbs 9oz
  • Sleeping pad- Big Agnes QcoreSL Long mummy- 17oz
  • Sleeping Bag- Mountain Hardware Phanton 32 degree long- 1lb 7oz
  • Stove- Jetboil Sol Titanium with one fuel canister- 12oz
  • Water Filter- Sawyer Squeeze - 3oz
  • Extra Bladder- Platypus- 2L extra bladder- 1oz
  • Bladder- Camelback 3L - 6 oz
  • Headlamp- Petzl TACTIKKA XP- 3.35oz
  • Knife- Havalon Paranta -2.7oz Or Buck Lightweight Skinner RMEF Edition
  • Spoon- MSR folding spoon- .35oz
  • First Aid Kit- Homemade (Adventure Medical Kit with half items removed) - 3.0oz
  • TP and Wipes- 2oz
  • Extras Bag (Mini-bic lighter, Coffee, Wisp toothbrushes, Medicine cabinet (Advil PM, Advil, Benedryl))- 2oz
  • Game bags (Mix of T.A.G. bags and Northern bags) 4oz
  • Thermarest Z Seat Pad- 2oz
  • Big Agnes Q-coreSL Mountain Hardware Phantom 32 long Big Agnes Q-coreSL
    Mountain Hardware Phantom 32 long
Clothing: Other gear: Food: Varies greatly depending on the physical demands of the hunt Average 1-1.45lbs per day or 120 calories per oz.
  • Mountain (Both pro-packs and Man sized :))
  • Belvita Crackers for Breakfast
  • Powerbars
  • Cliff Builder Bars
  • Almonds
  • Dried Fruit and Bananas
  • Cliff Shot blocks
  • GU gels
  • Honey sticker waffles
  • Granola bars
4 days of food

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