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Weight Matters

This time of year most manufacturers are releasing new products for the upcoming year. Every year we find something exciting to talk about, and for 2019 it has to be the new Black Gold Pro. Imagine having every possible micro adjustment on a hunting sight, and having that sight weigh in at less than 12 ounces with no compromise in durability or performance. That's exactly what you get with the new Pro sight from Black Gold. And in fact the new Pro’s tapered pins are better than any other Black Gold sight available. No small feat considering Black Gold’s reputation for having the brightest pins in the market.

Black Gold Wing Truss 4"

New Wing Truss

One of the keys to the ultra light weight of the new Pro sight is Black Gold’s new Wing Truss. The Wing Truss comes in a 4” or 6” length and is machined from 6061 Aluminum. The real benefit here is that you get the weight saving of a carbon base, but the strength and dependability of aluminum. The 4” Wing Truss has 5 mounting positions, and the 6” has 9. These allows you to line up your peep to your sight housing with precision. And having your quick release knob perpendicular to the base allows you to mount your Tightspot quiver at any angle with minimal interference. -The 4" and 6" wing truss is now available for all custom built adjustable sights.

Black Gold pro pins

Tapered Pro Pins

The Pro’s tapered pins have to be my favorite new feature. A CNC machined pin that sports a slimmer throat, gives you a more precise round pinhead. They block much less of the target, and keep that well known Black Gold durability. The Pro Pins are still as bright as ever and less prone to blur thanks to Black Gold’s photochromatic shell that turns a dark purple in bright sunlight. This keeps the fibers from attracting too much light and keeping that halo effect to a minimum. Pin color does play a huge roll in the quality of the pin. Green tends to be a bright but flat, precise pin (good). The yellow pin is a tad bit dimmer, while still flat. Red seems to be almost overpowering in comparison to the green and yellow pins in a .019 size, and much dimmer in the .010. We recommend keeping the green and yellow pins. However everyone see things a bit differently and some might prefer the red pins over the yellow.

Black Gold Pro Micro Click Pins

Revolutionary Micro Adjust Pins

Adjusting the new Pro pins has been seriously overhauled! I have never really loved the Black Gold micro adjust pins found on the revenge head, but this new design changes all that. An easy new click micro system has replaced the old wheels that moved the pins up and down. You can fine tune each individual pin, or all of the pins at the same time with 1 click micro adjustment knob. Each pin has a lock screw AND an engagement screw. If you want to adjust a pin, simply loosen its lock and engagement screws and turn the knob. Each click gives you a measured adjustment and 1 full turn (8 clicks) is approximately equal to 1 inch at 20 yards. Dial in each pin precisely where you want them. Then once you have your pins dialed in, if you find them all too high or too low in the housing, simply loosen all of the lock and engagement screws and use the knob to move them all up or down at the same time. And best of all, once you tighten the screws down there is zero play or vibration to be found.

first and third axis

Micro 1st and 3rd axis

Micro adjustability doesn’t end with the pins. The Black Gold Pro offers 1st, 2nd, and 3rd axis adjustability. With 1st and 3rd axis having adjustable screws to help make micro changes. Micro 1st axis adjustment is useful when leveling the sight to your bow. 3rd axis is needed when taking uphill or downhill shots at distances past 30 or 40 yards. Having the ability to make the smallest of changes to these adjustments ensures a higher degree of accuracy.

Micro Gang Adjustment

We also get the micro gang adjustment that allows you to make click micro changes to your sight housing position. This will keep your housing from moving (ok dropping out the bottom) when you loosen either the vertical or horizontal clamp. I’ll admit it’s happened to me before! I wanted to make a change to my impact point when switching to broadheads. I loosened the vertical clamp, and it slid down with no reference to where it was, leaving me to have to start completely over. Now with the click micro adjustments i can loosen the clamp and the housing only moves when i turn the micro click knob. Again, 1 full turn (8 clicks) equals 1 inch at 20 yards.

Black Gold micro gang

Shorter Yardage Knob

And finally proof that Black Gold listens to its customers, they have shortened the yardage adjustment knob by ¼”. It’s still long enough and grippy enough to turn with gloves, but not so long that it gets in the way.

Black Gold Pro Sculpted Base

Stock Options or Custom Build

The Black Gold Pro is available in a 3 pin or 5 pin configuration with a sculptured fixed base, or with their new 4” or 6” Wing Truss. And as always you can fully customize your Black Gold Pro sight with your own pin sizes (.019 or .010) and colors (green, yellow, or red) on the S&S Archery website. Black Gold will build your sight and ship it out to you in about a week (sometimes longer depending on the season).

This sight has a lot going for it! But it also has a lot going on, so don’t hesitate to call us with questions.

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