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UltraView UV3XL SE

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The UV3XL™ Slider Edition is an innovative solution for bowhunters prioritizing precision and efficiency in the field. Compatible with the UV Slider™ sight, it features the UV Cartridge system for easy pin adjustment without affecting sight marks. The built-in light cartridge ensures optimal pin brightness in varying conditions. Recognized for its performance, this scope system enhances hunting effectiveness.

The UV Cartridge system allows for quick changes between different pin counts and sizes, ranging from a 3-pin to a double-pin or single-pin setup, without needing to adjust yardage marks.

Equipped with 5 ultraviolet LEDs, the UV Light Cartridge offers 10 brightness levels for ideal pin visibility. It's energy-efficient, with over 6 hours of battery life at 80% brightness, and features an automatic shut-off after 4 minutes of inactivity to conserve power. This waterproof cartridge ensures functionality in diverse weather conditions.

The LevelLight™ feature, activated by holding the power button for 2 seconds, illuminates the scope's level with a UV-LED for enhanced visibility, aiding in accurate shots.

The 3-Pin cartridge includes a fixed center pin and adjustable top and bottom pins, with laser-etched hash marks for precision. Made from durable 7075 aluminum, this multi-pin scope assembly offers accuracy and longevity in a sleek design. The fixed center pin allows for seamless transition between single and double pin cartridges.

Available pin sizes for single and double-pin cartridges include finer 0.010" pins or larger 0.019" pins. The 3-pin cartridge comes standard with three 0.015" pins.

Package includes:

1 - Housing with a green level (aircraft-grade, anodized aluminum)

1 - Hunting Cartridge (options: 3 pin in .015, single pin, or double pin in 0.010 or 0.019)

  • For double pin setups: top pin green, bottom pin red, with a 0.25" pin gap
  • For single pin setups: green pin
  • For 3 pin setups: pins in green, yellow, green, plus a .010 yellow at the bottom

1 - UV3XL Light Kit Mounting bolts/hardware & extra set screws

2 - Extra Batteries (CR2025)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Wade Bailey
    Awesome scope

    Game changer for sure, and the light kit is an added bonus! When purchased from S&S you get customer service second to none!!

    Laramie Jordan
    Love it

    Man this scope is a game changer, atleast for me it is...I added a 2 power lens...but even without the lens it's such a large view...the pin is great..nice and bright in low light without Starburst....my groups improved was the first thing I noticed...and there are just so many options with the scope..versatility...I paired it with the hha tetra max tournament and this combo is dynamite