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UltraView Slider


Ultraview Slider: The Bowhunting Sight for Precision and Reliability

Introducing the Ultraview Slider, engineered for hunters who demand precision, ease of use, and robust functionality. The package includes everything needed for a successful hunt: the UV3XL SE, 140yd sight tapes, a compact travel case, a White Viz Ring, a No-Light Cap, and pre-installed batteries.

Designed for Performance

The Ultraview Slider™ sets a new standard with features like DualDial, TripleMark, and QuickBreak, enhancing accuracy and making adjustments straightforward. These features allow hunters to focus on the hunt, not their equipment.

DualDial System: Precision Made Easy

The DualDial system is at the core of the Ultraview Slider, offering seamless and precise adjustments with minimal effort. It’s designed for quick locking and unlocking of elevation and windage, making it one of the most intuitive adjustment systems on the market.

TripleMark: Accuracy at Any Range

With TripleMark, every pin is a floating pin, ensuring pinpoint accuracy at any distance. The design features ultra-fine indicator pins positioned close to the tape for enhanced precision.

QuickBreak: Simplified Maintenance and Transport

The QuickBreak feature allows for the easy breakdown of the sight and scope unit from the vertical rail, ideal for hunters on the move or dealing with the aftermath of a rugged hunt.

Additional Features for Enhanced Utility

  • UV3XL SE: An optimized scope system for the Ultraview Slider, featuring a removable light cartridge for consistent brightness and easy adjustments.
  • Twin Sight Tapes: For clear visibility of yardage marks from both sides.
  • Pre-aligned 2nd Axis: With easy adjustments for the 1st and 3rd axes to ensure precision straight out of the box.
  • Anti-Backlash Design: Guarantees smooth and reliable performance every time.
  • Versatile Mounting Options: Including BridgeLock, Picatinny, and Side Mount, for balanced stability and reduced vibration.
  • Lightweight Construction: Weighs only 12.5oz or 12.3oz, depending on the mount, for optimal maneuverability.
  • Compatibility: Works with UV3 and UV3XL scope kits.

The Ultraview Slider is built for hunters who prioritize accuracy, durability, and straightforward functionality. It’s not just about making shots count; it’s about trust in your gear, shot after shot.

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