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Spider Archery Tracker PRO HUNTER pack

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Spider Archery Tracker PRO HUNTER pack

The Tracker Pro Hunter Pack stabilization system offers hunters optimal stabilization comparable with systems used by world class professional archers. The system includes two Tracker stabilizers and the Spider Archery fully adjustable side bar mount with wrist sling and front quick disconnect.

The  Tracker Series Hunting Stabilizer offers a low profile, lightweight bar equipped with a proprietary removable dampening system.  The tracker is constructed of durable, ultra rigid, advanced engineered carbon fiber.

The diameter of the Tracker is only .59" allowing the Tracker to have a sleek, low profile resulting in less wind drag. Each end cap is constructed in anodized, American machined, aircraft grade aluminum, and features the S&S Archery logo!

 PRO HUNTER pack includes the following:

  • 8" and 6" stabilizer bars
  • or 
  • 10" and 8" stabilizer bars
  • each bar comes with 4oz extreme weight
  • 1 front quick disconnect
  • 1 Fully adjustable side bar bracket and side bar quick disconnect

Stabilizer length does not include the weight or the dampening system. The 4oz weight included with the stabilizer adds 0.43" to the total length and the dampening system adds .073" for a combine total length of 1.6".

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                                      6"+8"         8"+10"

Total Weight:      22.4oz        23.2oz


Customer Reviews

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george burton
The bars

No I'm not talking drinking bars but rather stabilize bars for all you gear heads like me that can't stop our inner desires to be steadier then a cobra even when an elephant walks by !!! The bars are great but the diameter of the weights are too big to suit my liking as I like the smaller ones myself! They are well built and work just fine but wished they came with more weights then they do as it's not enough in some cases. I sold mine to an Amishman and he is well pleased as some think bigger is better so him and his horse are more steady now as they trespass onto posted land to steady themselves against all odds!!! Spider you make a nice set of bars but decrease the diameter of the weights and increase the packet with a few extra so we can be happier as we aim my friend!

C Baker
Spider Archery Tracker PRO Hunter Pack

Bought the 10' and 8' pack. They shipped the same day I ordered. Very pleased with these, glad I went with a low profile stabilizer.

Duffy Everhart
Spider Archery Tracker PRO hunter pack.

Overall a great combination of stabilizers. Noticed a substantial decrease in movement on my front sight Pin. I removed the weights that came with the pack and used another brand. V Bar didn’t fit flush on my Mathews Halon but a small spacer fixed that.