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Spider Archery Predator Series Hunting Stabilizer

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Predator Series Hunting Stabilizer

The Predator is a durable, ultra rigid carbon fiber stabilizer.  Its engineered to take the hard knocks of the hunting environment, while giving you a stable worry free shot.

The Predator Series are crafted in matte black carbon fiber with black ends and are available in lengths ranging from 8" to 12". All Predator stabilizers are capped with S&S Archery logo!

Stabilizer length does not include the weight. The 4oz weight included with the stabilizer adds 0.86" to the total length.

                                                         8"           10"         12"

Weight:                                   7.2oz      7.6oz     8.1oz

Overall Length:                  8.86"     10.86"   12.86"

Included End Weight:      4oz          4oz         4oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Excellent Hunting Bow Stabilizer

Works extremely well. It’s built like a tank, is very clean, and doesn’t need a dampener, which reduces its profile.
The 8” bar is closer to a 10” setup with the QD and the 4oz weight stack. This is a very effective front bar on my Axius Ultra.
I have a 10” Tracker stabilizer and don’t notice any difference shooting in moderate crosswinds.

Josh Peek
High Quality

Very nice fit an finish, on both the carbon and the anodized AL. High quality stabilizer. Feels like it's built plenty stout for a working/hunting bow. Overall very impressed. Bought this one for my girlfriend, and I do believe I'll be getting myself one soon...