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Sig Sauer Kilo6K compact- Applied Ballistics Rangefinding Binoculars

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Designed with the Archery and Whitetail hunter in mind, the new SIG SAUER KILO6K-HD Compact is perfect as a lightweight option to minimize your kit, eliminating the need for a separate rangefinder and binocular. The KILO6K-HD Compact provides up to 6,000 yards of ranging off of reflective surfaces and up to 2,500 yards on big game animals. Featuring BDX 2.0 Bluetooth Technology to work with all BDX-equipped scopes and thermal optics, and onboard environmental sensors allowing for accurate real-time ballistic calculations, the KILO6K-HD Compact provides the perfect solution for any rifle setup. The KILO6K-HD Compact also features fog mode to cut through the morning haze and XR Extended Range mode to allow for longer range capabilities from a tripod, giving you maximum range both quickly and accurately. Available in both 8x32 and 10x32 prescriptions, the KILO6K-HD Compact is the ideal solution for the minimalist hunter.


- Gen ii lightwave DSP ranging engine with extended range (XR) mode
- Onboard environmental sensors for real-time ballistic calculations
- Drop remote waypoints with the BaseMap app
- Applied ballistics UltraLite with complete ab bullet database, up to 25 bullet profiles, and 8 onboard ballistic groups
- Bdx 2.0 enabled with low energy, long-range Bluetooth


Color: Green

Waterproof rating: IPX-4

Weight: 27oz

Battery: CR2

Magnification 8x or 10x

Eye Relief: 8x 17.5mm 10x 15.5mm

Lens Coating SpectraCoat

Objective Lens Diameter: 32MM

Prism Type: Roof

Max Range: 6k, trees 3k, deer 2.5k 

Customer Reviews

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Finally, a compact but robust RF Binocular for Bowhunters and Eastern Whitetail Hunters

I've been hesitant to go with most of the previous RF Binocular options on the market because of their bulk and predisposition for more long range shooting applications. My bread and butter hunting is up close Eastern Whitetail Hunting with bow and firearms and this moddel from Sig seems to fit the bill perfectly. It is robustly built, has an awesome red readout and they are very compact compared to most if not all of the other RF Binoculars on the market. They come with a very nice camo chest harness and the feel and finish are top notch. My only con, is the battery comparment. It takes a bit of care to screw the battery compartment cap back on and you do want to be deliberate and take your time doing this so it doesn't strip out the threads. When I first installed the battery my unit didn't turn on so I tightened the battery compartment cover down super tight and it came on. In making it tighter, the battery compartment shifted a bit clockwise (in the same direction I was tightening it) about a half of turn which caused some of the armor coating to tear very slightly. However, it has been working flawlessly since I've received it. The optics quality is very good to great and it is just such a great and compact package with a fast processor available for rangefinding here back east from the beginning of bow season to the late primitive seasons. In my opinion, Sig Sauer hit it out of the park with these RF Binoculars and they won't hurt your wallet much either.