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Black Gold Revenge Custom Archery Sight

Customize your Black Gold Revenge sight here!!!

Through the different options you can build and customize the Revenge sight to whatever you want. Choose the different options- Base- Standard or the 4" or 6" dovetail. All of them have the third axis adjustment.

Guard Size- Choose the standard 1-3/4" or Big Dog 2" Sight ring color- Choose the sight ring color you want

Pins- Choose the quantity, size and color of each pin.

Need help deciding what options you need? Check out our blog post on Black Gold Sights

S&S Archery.
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  • Type: Fixed
  • Weight: 8oz
  • Housing Size: 1 3/4" and 2" Available
  • Number of Pins: 1-7 Pin Models Available
  • Pin Size: .010 .019 and .029 Available in Green, Yellow, and Red
  • Axis Adjustments: 1st and 2nd
  • 100% Made in USA
  • Lifetime Warranty

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
William Runge
Glad I made the change

Everything about this sight is easy, love the sight ring and brightness of the pins and especially the ease of sighting in. So far two whitetail does and a hog. Very happy with the purchase, shipped fast.

steve puckett
Great service !

Solid sight! Shipped fast. Very happy

Scott Doshan

Great sights. Great quality. Great customer service!
Thank you!

C M Morrow
Great Sight and Great Service

I recently called S&S to order a Black Gold sight. They were very helpful and gave me great advice. Service was excellent.

S. B. in GA.
MBG Revenge

I have over 40 years of archery experience and I've never had a sight that is as versatile and precise as the Revenge. What drew me to the Revenge was the Micro-Adjustability of "everything". I only shoot field points during initial tuning then I shoot only Broadheads for final tuning and all my practice. The Micro Adjustable Revenge allows me to make adjustments on my sights that I couldn't do before. Try moving the point of impact 2 inches at 50 yards with a sight adjustment....I can easily do that with the Revenge.
When you couple the Micro Adjustability of the Revenge with the Reputation of Montana Black Gold the result is "WINNER".
Add that to the service of S&S Archery and "What's NOT to LIKE?"
I highly recommend the Revenge and S&S Archery.