Ultraview Mount

Tetra Max RYZ X3 Frame Only

The HHA Tetra Max RYZ X3 has added an adjustable 3 pointer system that pairs with each of the 3 pins. This new pointer system adds flexibility and confidence in your new favorite 3 pin hunting bow sight. No matter where you dial, you will instantly know what yardage each of your three pins are set to. The Max Ryz X3 also comes with a removable yardage wheel for multiple arrow profiles. This is the ONLY the frame, and does not include the 3 pin housing. This would be a perfect setup for running an Ultraview 3 pin scope. 

Precision Aiming with Adjustable Features

At the core of the Tetra Max RYZ X3's design is a commitment to precise, accurate shots. With 3 yardage markers, the sight allows for swift, effortless adjustments.

Extended Range with Long Sight Tapes

The Tetra Max RYZ X3 takes range accuracy to new levels. It features the longest sight tapes ever created by HHA Sports, providing a remarkable 2.1" of travel.

Customizable to Fit Every Archer

The Tetra Max RYZ X3 offers versatility with options including a fixed frame, two different dovetail lengths, and a Hoyt Picatinny frame.

Effortless Sight-In and Adjustments

Sighting in with the Tetra Max RYZ X3 is straightforward and precise, thanks to a two-stage windage adjustment. Once mounted, field adjustments are simple.

Advanced Features for Optimal Performance

  • An easy-grip dial, enabling quick range adjustments from 20-100 yards.
  • Water-resistant yardage tapes and 3 brass needle yardage pointers.

Unmatched Assurance

With the Tetra Max RYZ X3, you receive a 100% Lifetime Warranty, ensuring your investment is protected. 


The Tetra Max RYZ X3 is not just an archery sight; it's a game-changer for long-range archery enthusiasts who need 3 pointers. It's time to experience the pinnacle of precision and accuracy. Embrace the future of archery with the Tetra Max RYZ X3 - where you simply Range, Dial, and Shoot.


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Type: Slider

Weight: 8.5oz

Housing Size: NONE

Base: Standard Fixed, TE Short Dovetail, TE Long Dovetail, Hoyt Mount

Comes with or without an Ultraview Mount


Axis Adjustments: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd

100% Made in USA

Lifetime Warranty

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