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BA-7 Sparrow Bino Adapter

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Wiser's all about tough, lightweight gear, and that's exactly why they came up with the BA-7 Sparrow Binocular Mount. This thing's a game-changer for anyone who's serious about their outdoor gear.


  • Made in the USA!
  • Ultralight
  • Arca-Swiss Standard 
  • Anodized Aluminum Body
  • Dyneema/Nylon Laminated Composite Split Cynch Strap

No more losing parts in the bush! The Sparrow ditches that annoying center post most mounts have. You know, the one that always gets left behind when you're switching gear on your tripod? Yeah, that's gone. Now, everything you need to hook your binos up to your tripod sticks with your binos. Simple and slick, it fits right into your bino harness without a fuss.

When it comes to getting a good look through your binos, balance is key. Wiser nailed it with an offset rail that sits just right between the binocular barrels, not awkwardly under one. Plus, their smart Split Cynch strap wraps around the binocular bridge, keeping everything steady and balanced, just how you need it.

Ever think about using your trekking pole as a quick stand for your binos? Well, the Sparrow's got you covered. It hooks up to your trekking pole for those moments when you need a quick, stable setup. No extra gear needed.

And because no one likes gear that doesn't fit right, Wiser made sure the Sparrow's strap and tension system is super adjustable. It fits all kinds of binoculars, making it the one adapter you'll ever need.

Despite being super light at just 0.65oz, this mount is tough. Made with top-notch aluminum and a Dyneema/Nylon strap, it's built to last. Tough, lightweight, and smart - that's the Sparrow for you.

Weight 0.65oz
Length 0.75 in
Width 2 in
Height 1 in
Bino Barrel Compatibility 1.5" to 3.00"
Rail/dovetail Compatibility Arca-Swiss

Customer Reviews

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Best binocular / Arca-Swiss Mount

The ability to have binoculars on tripod for stabilizing is very important in some conditions. And with the ability to remove from tripod and carry in binocular harness is very easy with this mount. Just what I was looking for and works as advertised.