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Black Gold Ascent Verdict Custom Sight

Black Gold Ascent Verdict Custom Sight

The Black Gold Ascent Verdict is Black Gold’s answer to the western style hunter’s need for a lightweight, yet durable adjustable bow sight. From 3rd axis adjustments on all versions, to the 45 degree sight tape viewable at full draw, this sight has it all. The Verdict goes from having the brightest pins in the industry at low light, to almost no blurring of the pins in bright sunlight thanks to keeping its fibers in a photochromic shell that turns a dark purple in bright sunlight. All of this and it’s also one of the more affordable hunting sights on the market.

Customize your Black Gold Ascent Verdict sight here!!!

Select base, sight housing, sight ring color, pin size and color, right on our website! We have the best prices on all Black Gold Ascent Verdict sights!

All verdict models have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd axis adjustability and weigh under 12 ounces!

Custom options


  • Base- Standard, 4" or 6" dovetail.
  • Sight housing-
    • Standard FP HD - Standard pin adjustments
    • Backdraft - Has micro adjusting individual pins
    • Widowmaker- Fully Micro adjustable windage/elevation
    • Revenge - BOTH Micro Adjusting pins, and adjustable windage/elevation
  • Sight ring color- Choose the sight ring color you want
  • Pins- Choose the quantity, size and color of each pin.



  • All Verdict models now feature 3rd axis adjustability
  • X-Frame base is stronger, lighter
  • Level Head sight ring is far easier to adjust, far more secure; can be customized to fit into top of sight ring
  • Indicator needle is indexable for easy re-sighting should your set up change
  • Splined vertical drive gear increases durability by 80% and provides a quieter, more solid feel!
  • High performance PhotoChromatic shell – 80% tougher, changes color faster
  • More range and adjustability than traditional hunting movable sights
  • Angled (45°) sight tape can be seen from side or back even at full draw
  • 54 sight tapes included – choose the one that’s right for you!
  • Precision 1st, 2nd and 3rd axis adjustability
  • Works great with one-piece quivers (unlike most movable sights)
  • Quick, smooth and quiet adjustment
  • Choose between new X-Frame base or 4″ Dovetail base

If you're interested in learning how to build your own Black Gold sight,check out our blog for instructions!

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Type: Slider

Weight: 9oz

Housing Size: 1 3/4" and 2" Available

Number of Pins: 1, 3, 5 and 7 Pin Models Available

Pin Size: .010 .019 and .029 available in Green, Yellow, and Red

Axis Adjustments: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd

100% Made in USA

Lifetime Warranty

Customer Reviews

Based on 137 reviews
Worth every penny

This sight is worth every penny. My go to option for a multi pin slider. Great service from S&S and ships fast from black gold. Don’t hesitate if you’re looking into getting one.

Custom ascent verdict by black gold

Rob was excellent and knowledgeable in getting me the sight I wanted. He answered my questions and even made sure of the order because I wanted the bottom pin larger for my floater. Always responded to my emails on the shipment information. I will certainly use them again.

John T Robinson
Very impressed

Quality sight. Like the single pin, not fussy, like a multi pin sight. I have dyslexia, and this sight eliminates the problems associated with it. Just look at the tape, and you know where the arrow is going. Would recommend for ease of use. Highly recommend.

cody camp
impressed with S&S

So I got the six inch dovetail and like I said before somehow S&S archery was able to send me this site for $50 less than I can find it anywhere else the dovetail mount isn't as bulky as I thought it would be it's real sleek and trim I was going to get the mountain light because I thought it might be too bulky and the mountain light would be slim but I went ahead and got the original anyway and it's sleek and sexy just like you would want it to be the action is great it's stiff it feels like it's biltwell the adjustments are just the right size it's not awkward to dial up and down I was quite impressed

Bill Sullivan
Black Gold 5 pin Verdict Ascent

I worked with Rob and he was extremely helpful and informative on helping me order a custom sight from Black Gold. The quality of workmanship and materials in the machined aluminum parts and adjustability is excellent. All of the adjustment mechanisms are built to tight tolerances and work as expected. The yardage adjustment wheel on the right is easy to locate and the gearing is built tight enough that the lockdown can be backed off (which is something I wont have to worry about loosening and stripping out if kept locked down). I really like the 45 degree sight tape area on the left side of the sight which makes it easy to pick up the sight bubble level and sight pin easily. The pins are the brightest I've seen.
While being told the manufacturing and shipping time would be 4 to 5 weeks. it took 9 weeks to receive my sight. When I called Black Gold for an update, they were a little short with me and said they could provide no information on sights ordered through S&S Archery?? I know times are very tough right now for small businesses with the Covid issue and perhaps I was being impatient. The instructions are printed on the backside of a thin cardboard 5x10 included in the packaging. To get all of the information you need for adjustments its best to go on line to review several YouTube instructions. ( S&S has the best instructions for this sight on line.) I think a couple of good quality hex wrench tools could have been included.
I was expecting the 1st and 2nd axis adjustments to be dead on from the factory, but they were quite a bit off. They were easy to adjust in and I enjoyed doing it. I knew I would need to adjust the 3rd axis based on my particular draw and pull on the bow. They do send a lot of sight tapes (54), however, there's only one for the particular speed of your bow. If you mess that up you will need to order a new one. The photo chromatic cover for my pins was put on crooked and I'm not sure I should try to straighten it. The top 2 pins are .019 and I may send it back to have all of them at .010 (the .019 are just a tad bright for me). The #5 pin ( the one I'll use for a floater) is dimer than the others, I may have it replaced. All in all I'm happy with the sight, it will take some time for me to get the pins where I want them. Hopefully I wont have to wait another 9 weeks without shooting if i decide to send it back.