Hamskea Raptor Peep Sight

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Raptor Peep

With a baffled interior surface, the Hamskea Raptor Peep reflects light away from your eye eliminating all glare and reflecting unwanted light. This produces more consistent images and less frustration in different lighting conditions. 

The Raptor Peep is designed with aerospace anti-glare technology that produces a field of view with zero distortions and has dual string angle grooves of 35° and 40°

• Black magnesium housing for the best durability and least amount of glare
•1/16", 3/32", 1/8", 5/32", 3/16", 7/32", 1/4" available.

Watch our detailed video on peep sizes here.

For best comparison to your existing peep, size down a half size! (if your happy with your current peep, use that size, if you're on the edge, move down!)

Customer Reviews

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Joe Brown
Peep sight

Great peep sight and a huge upgrade to the old meta peep. Will be on all my bows from now on.

Raptor Perp

Great peep for hunting, works well.

Mississippi Bowhunter
Whitetails at Dusk

The Raptor peep is the best I’ve shot with at dusk in the hardwoods. There where ambient light for the sight pins is low, the external pin light has been turned on, you see your deer, and at full draw, all you see are pins through a regular peep with 65 year old eyes that require multifocal contact lenses. The Raptor allows me to now see the deer with a clear sight picture, apparently through better light transmission according to the manufacturer. I have also modified the peep slightly by painting the external rim with fluorescing gunsight paint to allow me to find the peep itself on the bowstring faster in low light conditions. What was previously black, is now a low aqua-green color, still with a clear, unobstructed sight picture. The only downside to the peep is that it takes longer to position correctly on the bowstring with multiple tweaks at the archery shop requiring a bow press. It can’t simply be switched out with a regular peep since the barrel of the Raptor peep is significantly longer. On initial string placement, mine pointed off to the right about 15 degrees completely obscuring the sight picture until it was carefully realigned by making small tweaking changes by moving individual fibers on the bowstring. It seems to require checking alignment at full draw by the archer since the angle changes when placed under load. Be sure to allow for extra time at the bow press to get it right. I was able to score on a whitetail 12 minutes after sunset in the woods using this setup, and would recommend it to any bowhunter, particularly for the last shootable light conditions!

Hamskea raptor peep

Great peep, S&S Archery top of the line shop👍

Brandon Bowling
Raptor peep

The best hunting peep hands down