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Alpen Fuel Backcountry Granola Variety 4 Pack

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Alpen Fuel granola meals are the most convenient, highest calorie breakfast meals on the market! They have been field tested by endurance athletes, ultralight backpackers, and hunters from New Mexico to Alaska. No matter what your backcountry hunt throws at you, attack it head on by fueling your body with clean, balanced energy - Alpen Fuel Granola.

TASTE - amazing variety of flavors you can enjoy day after day on the trail
PREP - quick 5 minute prep with hot or cold water - all meals contain powdered milk
NUTRITION - gluten free, vegetarian, and low sodium (only 12% DV sodium on average)
INGREDIENTS - all natural, clean ingredients
CALORIES - 630-770 calories, the highest calorie breakfast meals on the market!
FUEL - endurance tailored nutrition keeps you fueled for 3-4 hours with steady energy, no bloating or sugar crashes!
BULK - low bulk, 30% less packaging and bulk than other meals
SHELF LIFE - 18 months
SMALL BATCH - made in small batches by a Montana owned small business

The Variety Pack contains:
1x Chocolate Strawberry Granola
1x Orange Pecan Granola
1x Lemon Berry Granola
1x Coconut Mango

How to make:

Shake Well
Mix with 4-5oz of hot or cold water
Stir thoroughly
Wait 5 minutes and enjoy!

Customer Reviews

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Bennett L Painter
Alpen Fuel

Very good nutritional breakfast, quick and easy! Tastes great as well.

Hardly ever makes it to the mountain

These Alpen Fuel breakfasts are so good I struggle not eating them for breakfast at home! Absolutely delicious, calorie dense and not too sweet, these are a perfect backpacking meal. They also come in a small package that’s easy to fit in a pack.

The Coconut Mango is my favorite and it’s 720 calories!