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Custom Triple Stack Housing and Pointer Combo

Custom Spot Hogg Triple Stack Housing Combo

Upgrade your current adjustable Spot Hogg sight with a custom built Triple Stack housing and triple pointer combo. Even if you currently have a multi pin sight we can get you setup with the new Triple Stack Combo. AND If you have a single or double pin scope right now we can add the 3rd axis adapter that lets you upgrade too. And the custom build allows you to select your pin size and color.

Ships with Triple Stack housing, Triple Pointer, and 3rd axis adapter if needed. (single/double pin sights require new adapter)

Introducing the new for 2021 Triple Stack system. It's compatible with Spot-Hogg's Fast Eddie, Fast Eddie XL, Tommy Hogg, and Hogg Father sights. This new setup features three individually micro-adjustable vertical pins as well as three individually adjustable yardage indicators. Double pin lovers cheered this design, and now we've added a third aiming point and additional yardage indicator. The Triple Stack allows archers to set gaps for all three pins, and the adjustable pointers provide constant yardage updates as the dial is turned. The Always Up solar wrap boosts light gathering and ensures solid pin visibility no matter the lighting conditions. Available in .010 and .019 fiber optics and includes all three MRT Rings. This sight is an ideal choice for the archer looking for a vertical pin sight but wants multiple pins. Like all Spot Hogg sights, the Triple Stack has Bulletproof pins and is milled from solid 6061 aluminum and is proudly made in the USA!

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Customer Reviews

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Layton Perry
Triple Stack

So far I really like it.
Love having all green pins, They seem to show up way better for me.

Timothy Phillips
Pros and Cons

Love the smaller pins and triple stack.
Hate that I can’t shoot over 93 yards without hitting the very large housing.

Tom Estep
Lost its touch for me.

I received my triple stack after waiting for around 5 months. It came with a LH triple indicator instead of a RH. On my v3 it also doesn't have enough left adjustment without using up windage to do so. The pointer is being mailed from S and S, and a spacer to give me more left adjustment from spot hog. So in the end, this scope will work, but for the weight, larger scope size from original fast eddie, and needed multiple peices to fit it to my bow, it gets 2 stars.

K Tanner
Nice Sight ....

I like it but are a few things i would mention on it. It uses the multi pin mount which is a tad heavier and only allows it on spot hogg sights. Be nice if it had the single pin housing mount. The pins are almost too bright at times when in the direct sun and the pins have a definite starburst effect.. Maybe its just my eyes but for me it would be nice if it had something to cut down on the amount of light on the pins if needed similar to what many other companies do. If I were to buy again I might be tempted to go with the new MBG dual track instead. If they were to offer it in the housing only option. .

Jon Fagnani
Spot Hogg triple stack

Despite the long wait (no fault to S&S) I am very happy with the sight. I ordered the triple stack housing combo to upgrade my old double pin housing and was sent a kit without the 3rd axis adjustment. Steve made it right and overnighted the piece without question. Would definitely order from s&s again.