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The Backcountry Bar

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What a perfect fit for us backcountry hunters! I love a great tasting bar with tons of high quality fats, long lasting protein, and enough carbs to give you that kick of instant energy. While the Backcountry Bar is great any time of day, my favorite is with a cup of coffee in the morning. Tastes great, and provides me with enough sustenance to tide me over until lunch.

Why is it a great bar for the backcountry? It won't freeze up or get crushed, and it won't melt or dry up in the heat. Its the kind of durability you need in the backcountry. How does it taste? It has a slight peanut buttery taste with the chewy goodness of fruit and brown sugar, added to a healthy mix of seeds and nuts.

An award winning NUTRITION BAR in WHEAT FREE and GLUTEN FREE!Specially designed with maximum flavor and nutritional balance for active people, or JUST BECAUSE it tastes so good! Treat yourself to the surprisingly soft texture loaded with choice dried fruits, nuts, a variety of seeds, rolled oats and all natural peanut butter.

Wheat-free, delicious nutrition bar containing oats, peanut butter, brown sugar, dried fruit, seeds and nuts. An excellent source of energy for all your outdoor adventures.

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Backcountry bar

Good taste, keeps me full for a few hours, try them there inexpensive for what you get out of them.