Spot Hogg Sight Light

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Rheostat light screws into Hogg Wrap directly. Three settings provide optimum brightness for a multiple of situations.    The perfect fix for poor lighting. The 3 things you need for ultimate accuracy are what the Spot-Hogg Sight illuminates. Your pins, alignment ring and level will always be visible with the aid of a variable brightness rheostat system. Compatible with all Spot-Hogg models.
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Spot Hog Sight Lite

Quality parts and speedy service!

James M
Fast Eddy XL illumination

Excellent add on to an all ready bright site. Perfect for early morning or late afternoon shooting.

Ronald Isenburg
Light review.

Mine definitely has distinct notches for on/off and sight brightness. For me it is almost a necessity for the smallest diameter pin. The brightest level is way too bright- in fact even the two lower levels might be a bit brighter than I would like. Would rather have one that is "infinitely adjustable" as I would like just enough light to see the pin I'm using. But am happy with this and would recommend getting it to compliment the sight.

Michael Wolf
Great addition to my spot Hogg Fast Eddie nock on addition

Works great makes my sight brighter in the ground blind.

Ryan Devereaux
Site light

I have a Hogg Father and the when the light works it's great. My problem is it will continue to flicker on and off. Have to tap it in order for it to stay on. When I turn the dial to turn it off it doesn't do anything, I have to unscrew it out far enough for it to stay off. Very disappointed in the quality of light for such a high quality of site like the Hogg Father. Maybe I just got a one off?