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Black Gold V3X Dovetail

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Black Gold Dovetail Accessory

The Black Gold Dovetail accessory can be mounted on any Black Gold sight. The dovetail accessory allows you to have flexible mounting options for precise alignment with your peep sight. It also allows the ability to remove the sight with just loosening one screw.
The dovetail also has 3rd axis adjustment built into it that allows the user to adjust the base of the sight and set the third axis plane of their bow. 3rd axis adjustments can be vitally important for the archer who will be shooting up and down steep hills.

Works with the new V3x Bridge Lock from Mathews

  • Select 4" or 6" then choose the correct sight that its for.
  • Standard- Rush, Backdraft
  • Micro Adjust- Widowmaker, Revenge
  • Ascent- Ascent Verdict, Mountain lite or Pro Sights

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Weight: 4" Dovetail - 3.2oz    

                   6" Dovetail - 3.8oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Greg Glazer
Great upgrade

Fits the Mathews bridge loc perfect. No windage issues . Was exactly what I wanted

Franc D
Works as described!

It was easy to modify my pro sight to accept this dive tail. The dove tail fits perfect in my V3x bridge lock set up and I am very satisfied with the purchases. If you have the need for bridge lock adaptability then look no further.

Carlos D Caceres
Worth the money

First of all I want to thank Rob for allowing me to drive him crazy with all my questions and “is it in”. Their knowledge is top of the line and so is their service. The dove tail did exactly what it is designed to do. Changing dove tails was easy (watch S&S video on YouTube). The only thing not explained is that the dove tail has to go completely through the riser so you can’t use the last dimple on the dove tail. Make sure you tighten down the set screw on the bridge lock because it will come loose. The 4” works perfectly.

phil Kornegay
Black gold dovetail

Fits nicely, very easy install.


I was surprised at how much more balance there is in the bow. And all your reviews concerning this dovetail helped me tremendously. Leaving for a bear hunt Friday. Very excited for a shot. Thanks sooo much!!