Slik Pro CF 632 Carbon Fiber Tripod

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Slik Pro CF 632 

S&S Archery worked directly with Slik Tripods to test this new 2 section carbon fiber tripod. The Slik Pro CF 632 is an extremely compact, lightweight and stable tripod; perfect for the backcountry hunter looking to save weight but not give up on performance. 

The PRO CF 632 has two leg sections that extend to a maximum height of 37.6 inches but compresses down to 19 inches. With a weight of only 22oz this tripod is Slik's lightest weight tripod and it gives up none of its durability and stability. Also included is a spring loaded center post hook.

Features of the SLIK PRO CF Carbon Fiber Series

Multi-layered Carbon Fiber
Carbon Fiber material is actually comprised of layers of woven carbon strands that are then baked together in a high-pressure furnace. When finishes this material is as much as 40% lighter than aluminum and very rigid, making it for applications from space vehicles to tripod legs.

A.R.S (Ant-Rotational System)
All the New SLIK PRO carbon fiber tripods feature a new A.R.S (Ant-Rotational System) designed into the legs and log locks. The A.R.S. systems prevent the leg tubes from rotating inside each other making it much easier to lock and release all the twist-release locks securely. The size of the rubber grips have also been increase in diameter to make them easier to operate.

Leg-Lock Type
Twist lock system with double nut ring (crown-cap) type (PAT.).

Multi-Angle Leg Locks
Each leg has an independent lock that sets in one 3 angles to vary the height and stance of the tripod. The three setting are for maximum height, waist level or low angle photography close to the ground. It also makes it easier to set up the tripod on uneven ground, steps or rocks.

Built-in Short Columns
The center columns unscrew into two piece to create a much shorter column for use in low angle photography.

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Weight: 22oz

Min Height: 19"

Max Height: 37"

Max Height w/o center post: 29"

Reversible 1/4" or 3/8" Stud

Customer Reviews

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Ultralight tripod

For what it is, it’s great, and can do a little of everything but a master of none. It’s light, small, and surprisingly sturdy. It seems to be a good option for glassing, but I didn’t particularly like shooting off of it and prefer to use my shooting sticks. It seems a little light for shooting and I couldn’t get the feet to dig in although some spikes would make a great addition for this.