Carter First Choice Archery Release


Carter First Choice Archery Release

Based on the extremely popular and versatile Too Simple release, Carter Enterprises is excited to introduce the new 1st Choice release. The 1st Choice features the same comfortable and extremely universal fit handle as its predecessor but incorporates a longer neck. The length of the neck and release head matches the length of our standard target models. Add in the self-closing jaw and the set screw tension adjustment system features of the Too Simple and the result is a target quality thumb trigger release which is very simple to use and hunting scenario friendly. No matter your target of choice, we recommend the new release as your 1st Choice.

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Trigger Type: Thumb


Made in Idaho

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Best release ever, baby!!

Purchasing this release changed my whole setup. Using my thumb now eliminates the pulling I was repeating with a finger release. My shots have improved 100% and that is no exaggeration. I eliminated a kisser button and a bungee-attached peep sight, which sped up my shot, too…I’m thinking, “Why didn’t I go to a Carter thumb release years ago?”

Eric A. Grant

One of the most crisp releases I have ever tried. And customer service is excellent, the gentleman I spoke with was very helpful. Would highly recommend this released to anyone.

Joseph Kucowski
Carter First Choice

Great customer service at S&S, staff helped me choose the right release. Have been shooting the release for several weeks and couldn't ne happier.