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Orion Coolers


Simply put, Orion Coolers offer you more than any other cooler with their standard features. Made in USA, they integrate all these features to ensure that, out of the box, you get all you need.

"11 months with a lot of use and abuse of the Orion coolers I have nothing but extremely positive things to say:"

  • First and foremost they do what a cooler is designed to do and they do it as good as any company on the market, keep ice for a REALLY long time! I’ve used the coolers on camping trips, scouting trips, hunting trips and float trips. I have yet to come home without ice left in the cooler which is a pretty amazing feat. There was a recent review on the Rokslide forum that was a head to head test of all the high end coolers and the Orion Coolers in ice retention out performed everything keeping ice for 11 days!
  • Secondly, the build quality is amazing. If these coolers don’t last you 20+ years of hard use I would be surprised. If I take into account the 6 or so cheaper coolers I’ve owned in the last 10 years that have suffered from broken latches, handles, lids etc you can easily pay for an Orion cooler off that alone. All it takes is one look in person at an Orion cooler and you can quickly tell they are made to last.
  • Lastly, these are very well thought out and designed coolers. From the sizing, the latches, the handles and all the features you can tell this wasn’t a product that was slapped together overnight or just designed on a computer with no field testing. They spent a lot of time tweaking and perfecting the design / features to be as functional as possible.

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Orion Coolers

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